Art Garfunkel Blames One Person For Breaking Up With Paul Simon

With one of the most recognizable surnames in pop music, Art Garfunkel reached the very pinnacle of fame. But not even years of success could keep his musical partnership from dissolving. With the environment becoming more toxic day by day, Art could only blame one person for forcing him to set off on his own.

Dynamic duo

By the late 1960s, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel already established themselves as one of the most dynamic musical duos in pop history. Yet, they could barely stand the sight of each other. Their close friends could only wonder what happened between them.

Queens boys

After all, the pair were friends since their school days in Forest Hills, Queens. Before either reached puberty, they appeared in a play together and began doing a bit of music on the side. Their classmates could hardly believe how quickly they made a splash.

Tom & Jerry

Art and Paul, under the moniker Tom & Jerry, caught a record label's attention when they were just 15. Promoters booked them on American Bandstand alongside Jerry Lee Lewis, and their single "Hey Schoolgirl" peaked at 49 on the Billboard charts.

Other pursuits

Knowing how fickle the music world could be, the bandmates set up a Plan B. Paul enrolled in Queens College, while Art went across the river to study at Columbia University. Despite the distance, Garfunkel felt hurt when he learned his pal was performing as a solo act.